Career Call/Mock interview Policy

Career Policy

Scheduling Limit


You can only schedule one of each type of call as prompted by the career curriculum units in your course. If you schedule more than one of each, the career coach or mock interviewer may reach out to cancel one of the events to free up the time slot for another student. Students must make appointments at the time at which, and in the order they appear in the curriculum to allow ample time to implement the advice given during the appointments. We reserve the right to cancel appointments on the student’s behalf if the student has scheduled more than one appointment within two weeks unless approved by Career Services.

Students in the post-completion period will be assigned to a specific career coach. We reserve the right to cancel appointments on the student’s behalf if the student has scheduled appointments with any career coaches not assigned to them.

Rescheduling or Cancelling

You must  reschedule and/or cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you do so with less than 24-hour notice, you  will be considered a no-show*. If you reschedule/cancel 3 or more coaching or mock interview calls within less than 24 hours, your access to career coaching may be removed and, if you are eligible, your job guarantee may be revoked.


To reschedule or cancel a coaching call or mock interview, use the link provided in the calendar event or confirmation email. Then, pick a new time to schedule the interview. If you do this for a mock interview, you may receive a new interviewer based on the new time you select.



If you are a no-show for a call with a career coach or mock interview 3 or more times, your access to career coaching may be removed and, if you are eligible, your  job guarantee may be revoked.

No-showing is defined as failing to appear for your scheduled call without prior communication or failing to be prepared for the call with the coach or mock interviewer. If you are unable to attend a call, you must

reschedule or cancel it in the system.

You will be marked as a "no-show" if you...