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26) In rabbits, the C locus controls leg formation: CC is normal, Cc results in deformed legs, and cc results in very short legs. The B locus controls fur color: BB produces black fur, Bb brown fur, and bb white fur. These loci are not linked. Which of the following statements is true? A) if a rabbit with normal legs and brown fur is crossed with a rabbit with short legs and white fur, half of the progeny will have deformed legs and brown fur. B) if a rabbit with normal legs and brown fur is crossed with a rabbit with short legs and white fur, half of the progeny will have normal legs and white fur. C) if a rabbit with normal legs and white fur is crossed with a rabbit with short legs and black fur, half of the progeny will have deformed legs and brown fur. D) if a rabbit with normal legs and black fur is crossed with a rabbit with short legs and white fur, half of the progeny will have deformed legs and brown fur. 27) A form of dwarfism (short height) known as achondroplastic dwarfism is an autosomal dominant, and red-green color blindness is X-linked recessive. A man who is an achondroplastic dwarf with normal vision marries a color-blind woman of normal height. How many of their daughters might be expected to be color-blind dwarfs? A) 1/4 B) 1/2 C) 3/4 D) none E) all

define the term cell biology ....................................................................................

In the study of Cell Biology, differentiation refers to?

Define the term cell biology..........................?

What is cytokinesis as used in cell biology? Kindly assist

Consider five culture dishes; each dish has one healthy neuron in it. Dish V has Neuron V in it; Dish W has Neuron W in it; Dish X has Neuron X in it; Dish Y has Neuron Y in it; and Dish Z has Neuron Z in it. At 1:00 AM: each neuron is bathed in normal physiological saline; all the neurons have the same properties; and each neuron is at rest with a resting potential of -70 millivolts. Each neuron has only three types of ionotropic ligand-gated receptors: AMPA Receptors, NMDA Receptors, and Glycine Receptors. None of the neurons have metabotropic receptors. Each neuron has a chloride equilibrium potential of -70 millivolts. At 1:55 AM, a large amount of TTX is added to the physiological saline in all five dishes. Ignore any effects due to voltage-gated calcium channels with S4 helices. At 1:58 AM, the amount of intracellular calcium in each neuron is the same as that of each other neuron. At 2:00 AM: glutamate is added to the physiological saline of Dish V; glutamate and APV are added to the physiological saline of Dish W; glutamate and CNQX are added to the physiological saline of Dish X; glutamate and glycine are added to the physiological saline of Dish Y; glutamate, glycine, and strychnine are added to the physiological saline of Dish Z.

A woman who has already had children develops skin cancer from overexposure to the sun. Is it possible for her children to have inherited this cancer from her? Select one: a. No, because only mutations that occur in gametes can be passed on to the next generation.b. No, because any cancer that develops after a person is an adult cannot have a genetic component.c. Yes, because almost all cancers are caused by genetic factors.d. Yes, because the woman's children have exactly the same genome as their mother does.

Need help with these three questions 17. Gregor Mendel deduced from his experiments on pea texture that smooth was dominantover wrinkle. By this he meant that: a. a pea plant could not carry a smooth allele and a wrinkle allele at the same time .b. in a plant that carried both smooth and wrinkle alleles, all the peas produced were smooth. c. the typical, wild-type peas were smooth. d. there were more smooth alleles than wrinkle alleles. e. seed texture was a character, smooth and wrinkle were independent traits 23. How does telomerase prevent the shortening of chromosomes during DNA replication? a. Telomerase forms a cap to protect degradation of single stranded DNAs. b. Telomerase helps to complete the synthesis of the leading strand during replication. c. Telomerase adds nucleotides to the ends of chromosomes to counteract the shortening after replication. d. Telomerases provides an RNA primer needed for completing the synthesis of DNA at the 5'ends of each chromosome. e. Telomerase rebuilds the telomere after each round of DNA replication. During transcription, RNA is synthesized from ________________ ; during translation,RNA is read from _________________ . a. 3' to 5'; 3' to 5'. b. 3' to 5', 5' to 3'. c. 5' to 3'; 3' to 5'. d. 5' to 3'; 5' to 3'. e. Both c and d.

You have been sent the first samples of a newly discovered Martian microorganism for analysis of its chromatin. The cells resemble Earthly eukaryotes and are composed of similar molecules, including DNA in a nucleus-like structure. It has been seen that two basic histone-like proteins were associated with the DNA in roughly an equal mass ratio with the DNA. You isolate nuclei from the cells and treat them with micrococcal nuclease for various times. You then extract the DNA and run it on an agarose gel next to rat-liver nuclei digested similarly. The rat-liver nuclei give a standard ladder of nucleosomes, as seen below, but the digest of the Martian organism gives a smear of products with a nuclease-resistant limit of about 300 nucleotides. As a control, you isolate the Martian DNA free of all protein and digest it the same way. It gives a gel run where the DNA is separated into mono- and dinucleotides. Do these results suggest that the Martain organism has nucleosome-like structures in its chromatin? How can you tell or not tell? Explain. If so, what can you deduce about their spacing on the DNA?

In the case of a seagull standing on ice, counter-current exchange in the legs minimizes heat loss by reducing the ease of movement of heat transfer to the environment through conduction.

Hello, so this is a public version of the test that our professor gave out: You are trying to bio-engineer a virus to carry particular genes between human cells. The virus must not only be able to move between cells and copy-and-carry particular genes, but it also should have as small of a genome as possible so that it can make many copies of itself. Which of the following aspects of viruses will be important for this bioengineered vector? Can you possibly come up with 2~3 option for this answer? And i would have to explain why too. Thank you.

47. Given basic information from observations of the orchid with a long nectary, and the moth with the long proboscis, what is the advantage to a plant like an orchid producing nectar over a plant like a pine tree that does not produce nectar? A. Nectar attracts animals that perform pollination. B. Nectar provides a sticky surface for pollen to attach to, promoting fertilization. C. Nectar provides food for the pollen and growing fruit. D. Nectar helps disperse pollen by water. E. Nectar helps disperse pollen by wind.

Which of the following is most similar in structure to ATP? a DNA nucleotide an RNA nucleotide an amino acid with three phosphate groups attached a phospholipid Please give a short explanation!

Wood frogs freeze solid during the winter and then thaw in the spring. As the freezing progresses, blood circulation stops. How would you expect cells not being served by the circulatory system to produce ATP during this time, and what by-product would you expect to build up in the cells?

hey! do you have the questions for chapter 8 of cell biology?

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