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Men Women, Tastes Say that administrators at University X wish to determine whether there is a significant gender difference in enrolment for different schools. They find the following numerical count (not %) of graduate Male, followed by Female students, in each school. (There are a total of 100 students in each school, but there are 170 male and 230 female student overall.) Engineering 55, 45 Business 60, 40 Health 30, 70 Communication 25, 75 What is the Chi-square statistic... the tolerance is +/-2% Don't show me this message again for the assignment OkCancel the tolerance is +/-2%

Please help with #3. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

Help me please this is due at 5pm!! A study was conducted to determine if there was a difference in mean flowering date for a tree species found in state forest A in Ohio and state forest B in Kentucky. What is the appropriate null hypothesis? What is the appropriate alternative hypothesis? Use statistical terms.

I'm trying to check my answers for psy 1110 at ohio with mccarthy on modules 9 & 10. I only see test questions and no answers.

20. Using the data in the Excel file Ohio Education Performance, test the hypotheses that the mean difference in writing and reading scores is 0, and that the mean difference in math and science scores is 0. Use the paired sample procedure.

1)A survey of Ohio University students was conducted to determine if there was a particular Green that was desired by students to live on. A sample of students responses are reproduced below. Do students prefer a particular Green? Use critical value = 5.99. West Green South Green East Green 31 74 119 What would the expected value for the West Green be?

Spotify (a music streaming website/app) claims that 67% of all U.S. students use their service. In speaking with your friends, you start to doubt this claim. You think that the true percentage of students who use this music service is different than the value reported by Spotify. Suppose you go out and ask a random sample of Ohio State students if they use Spotify. In your sample, 257 of a total of 369 students reply that they, in fact, use Spotify. We wish to test the hypotheses Ho: p = 0.67 versus the alternative Ha: p ? 0.67. Calculate the appropriate test statistic. Round your test statistic to 1 decimal place.

The union representing the Bottle Blowers of America (BBA) is considering a proposal to merge with the Teamsters Union. According to BBA union bylaws, at least three-fourths of the union membership must approve any merger. A random sample of 2,000 current BBA members reveals 1,600 plan to vote for the merger proposal. What is the estimate of the population proportion? Develop a 95 percent confidence interval for the population proportion. Basing your decision on this sample information, can you conclude that the necessary proportion of BBA members favor the merger? Why?

need to know how to solve. keep in mind im a begginner. i need it shown to me as simple as possible. The starting salaries of individuals with a BBA degree are normally distributed with a mean of $50,000 and a standard deviation of $5,000. What is the probability that a randomly selected individual with an BBA degree will get a starting salary of at least $40,000? Selected Answer: 0.9544 Answers: 0.9772 0.9544 0.3976 0.2954

consider the following frequency distribution: class. 10 up to 20 20 up to 30 30 up to 40 40 up to 50

use the following frequency distribution (of SAMPLE DATA)in answering the questions: class 0-10 f=10; class 10-20 f=20; class 20-30 f=40; class 30-40 f=20; class 40-50 f=10.

Do SAT coaching classes work? Do they help students improve their test scores? In a study for eight students taking the SAT exam a second time the improvements in test scores over the first exam were recorded. Four of these students took an SAT coaching class. The other four students did not Improvement 1 2 3 4 Coaching Class 90 100 -30 40 No Coaching Class 10 80 70 -20 To analyze this data, we should use: A) the one-sample t test B) the matched pairs t test C) the two-sample t test D) any of the above. It just needs to be a t test since mu is unknown

A local politician is concerned that a program for the homeless in her city is discriminating against blacks and other minorities. The data below were taken from a random sample of black and white homeless people. see attachment pls

1. If two large independent samples are taken from two populations, the sampling distribution of the difference between the two sample means can be determined how? 2. In my BMGT 230 class the fall semester is compared with my class 10 years ago. Please answer the following questions given: This Fall-----------Tens Years Ago Mean 80-------------85 Variance 100--------50 Sample 40-----------60 a. the point estimate of the difference between means of the two populations is? b. the point estimate of the standard deviation of the difference between the means of the two populations is ? c. the 95% confidence interval for the difference between the two population means is?

from long term experience it is known that the time required to answer a set of 10 computer managed questions in the Data Analysis course follows a normal distribution with mean = 15 minutes and standard deviation = 2 minutes. If a randomly chosen off campus student answers a test of 10 computer managed questions, answer the following questions a. what is the probability that she would complete the test in less than 14 minutes? b. what is the probability that she would complete the test between 15 and 19 minutes? c. determine her completion time so that only 10% of the students doing the test will take longer than her? d. for a set of 5 randomly selected tests (each with 10 questions), what is the probability that her mean completion time will be 14 minutes or more?

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