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Homework Help for Social Psychology

Name the theory that we explain someone's behavior by crediting either the situation or the person's disposition; studied by Fritz Heider

How can I figure out what are the classical conditioning on Genies the wild child

Look up the so-called "CSI Effect". Do you think it exists? Given the limitations of fingerprinting, do you think jurors give too much weight to this type of evidence?

The Yale Attitude Change Approach encompasses looking at variables along the dimensions of who, what, how, and to whom. Describe in detail one finding from each of these four dimensions.

1)Psychologists conduction research do not need to concern themselves with the "ethics" of their research true or false.. Q2)Which of the following is an advantage of using formal experimental methods? a)Only these methods can establish whether there is any relationship between two variables b) Only these methods allow behavior to be observed as it naturally occurs c)Only these methods allow researchers to determine people's opinions about various issues d)Only these methods allow scientists to determine cause and effect relationships Q3) In order to be accepted, research results must be descriptive biased hypothetical replicated

what does a social psychologist do under stressful situations

1.According to evolutionary psychologists,? 2.The real danger of "groupthink" is that it? 3. A sharing of common interests, values, and beliefs that contributes to long-term attraction is called _______. 4. Scapegoating is releasing aggression on __________ targets. 5. Expected behavior patterns associated with particular social positions are called? 6. Milgram's shock study showed people to be surprisingly? 7. Which of the following techniques begins with a somewhat inflated request, then immediately decreases the apparent size of the request by offering a discount or bonus?

Imagine that you are teaching a first grade class and you want your students to keep working on their task even when you are not in the room. Which of the following should you do? Decide dictatorially which task the children should work on. Encourage the children as a group to decide which task to work on. Give candies to the children who work on the task while you are in the room. Punish children who do not work on the task while you are in the room.

What benefit might we derive from studying the Nacirema way of life ?

44. The extent to which we perceive outcomes as a result of our own efforts or as a result of chance refers to A) self-esteem. B) self-efficacy. C) locus of control. D) social comparison. E) self-other discrimination

How can case managers working within a correctional system remain helpful to their clients while also recognizing that the security and safety of the clients, staff, public, and ourselves must always remain forefront of our consideration?

Amir just saw a movie that he somewhat liked. According to the process of thought polarization, how is Amir likely to feel after he thinks more extensively about the film?

How do the concepts of personal space and territoriality differ? How is human territoriality different from that of nonhuman species? How does an invasion of personal space create frustration or aggression?

what exactly is a intervention/program impact question?

Collective efficacy is unlikely to be exhibited when a neighborhood's rules for behavior are unclear and/or residents mistrust or fear each other. True False

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