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(TCO 5) All of the following ancient world religions are minor religions except: Shinto. Buddhism. Taoism. Jainism.

True or False? The Indian tradition is a complex fabric that is a microcosm of many world religions in direct dialogue for millennia on the indian subcontinent.

Siddhartha Gautama comic strip including Buddha, the 4 sights , 3 universal truths, 4 noble truths , eithfold path, 5 precepts, the sangha, nirvana, enlightenment

"Noble Action, Sacred Call, or Desire." Does Siddhartha Gautama's quest to find enlightenment falls under the category of noble action, sacred call, or desire? I would say "desire".

Explain whether or not Siddhartha Gautama's request to find enlightenment falls under the category of noble action, sacred call or desire ,and how his decision to leave his family would be received in todays culture

Which of the two books in the hebrew bible are the ten commandments listed? a.)Jude and Micah b.)exodus and Deuteronomy c.)Jeremiah and Genesis d.)Ezra and Noami

Moses had a brother. who was the brother to Moses?

Among the many names by which Jesus is known in diverse world traditions, which of the following is NOT one: A: Jesus B: Isa C: Aisa D: Yuz Asaf E: Ali

Dawkins and Hart hold views that are fundamentally contradictory. Whom do you find the more convincing writer and why? I had to read, "the God delusion" by Richard Dawkins and "the expericence of God" by David Hart part I and part III. I was wondering what others thought of this question

Which of the following values is not associated with modernism A. Pursuit of eternal truths B. Individualism C. Pragmatism D. Efficiency?

When George Fox founded this religious organization in England in 1652, he warned his followers to "tremble at the word of the Lord." Which group was it?

For these two definitions which is Dhyana and which is Vipassana? 1). Pantajali's term for meditation in the Yoga Sutras (also called Yoga Aphorisms) 2).THe historical Bhudda's refinement of Pantajali's terminology for meditation

Who allowed Jewish exiles in Babylon to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple? a. Sargon of Babylon b. Ramses c. Cyrus of Persia d. None of the above.

Kierkegaard rather famously said that the tragedy of life is that we must live it forward but that we can understand it backwards. Discuss the role of courage in the face of this anxiety. What is the source of this courage?

Name the first book of the bible chronologically placed in the Bible

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