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Homework Help for Project Management

What is critical chain scheduling, and how is it different from critical path analysis? Give an example of its use.

As a project goes through its various lifecycle phases, there may need to be organizational realignments to cover each phase. Can you discuss on how this can be successfuly accomplished by moving resources around.

Question: Discuss brief y each of the following ways to handle risk: transfer risk, avoid risk, reduce risk, contingency plan, and accept risk

Tutors, help me to write project introduction. My project is Opeining Nail Salon Business. Below is the templete of the project introduction. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Scope 1.2 Purpose 1.2.1 Problem 1.2.2 Impacts 1.2.3 Research on Problem Solutions Sources Discussion Conclusion

9. In the stage of the project life cycle the project's schedule and budget will be determined. A. Identifying B. De?ning C. Planning D. Executing E Closing The schedule and budget are determined in the planning stage of the project life cycle.

I am looking for assistance in creating at least 5 work packages for this project, establish a WBS to support the revised schedule and revise the durations of the task. The project is attached in MS Project

State the main project aspects a project manager is responsible for effectively managing in a given project.

define the word scope planning in the field of project management

Which of the following best describes a project environment? a. The type of organisation concerned with implementation. b. The structured method used to control the project. c. The context within which a project is undertaken. d. An understanding of the risks involved in the project

20. The model requires heavy user involvement, and developers use a model to generate functional requirements and physical design specifications simultaneously. A) RAD life cycle If. B) prototyping life cycle C) spiral life cycle I.- D) incremental build life cycle

1) Assess the benefits and drawbacks of the high-speed rail project. In your opinion, do benefits outweigh drawbacks or vice versa? Why? Justify your answer. 2) What are the implications of starting a project based on tenuous projections that may or may not come true 10 years from now? 3) could you justify the california high-speed rail project from the perspective of a massive public works initiative?. In other words, what other factors enter into the decision of whether to pursue a high speed rail project? why are they important? Please the above case refers to the case study on California's High-Speed Rail project

Explore existing drone technology. Focus on the following question How do drones help our planet?Explain briefly?

I need help for the following problem. Thanks!

The Project Management Institute (PMI) states that all projects should be formally closed when following the PMBOK® guide, although experienced project managers often disagree. Identify a possible exception using an example and explain why there should or should not be exceptions to a formal close

Project Quality Management Team Building You are required to create a Total Quality Team. When you complete your work, you are to present it to the board of directors approval. Among the things you must consider: Who should make up the team? What size should the team be? From which departments of the company should member be drawn? Where should the team leader come from, and what should characterize that person? Once the team is selected, how do you think it should proceed with regard to the specific quality plans, checklists and metrics that should be used in the implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM). The size of the type of organization you are doing this work for does not matter. Submission Requirements: Submit your report in a minimum of 500 words, in Arial 12 point double spaced, APA style

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