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What do you think of the MAD doctrine? Was it mad? Why?

Recall the recommendations Putnam made in his 1995 article, "Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital," to better understand the decline in social capital in America. These recommendations for further inquiry were made more than two decades ago. In your post, talk about the evidence that accumulated since 1995 on the questions Putnam posed. What do you think are the implications of changes that Putnam observed on democracy and governance in America?

Numerous states allow citizens to vote to change their state constitutions. Should the process of amending the U.S. Constitution follow a similarly easy process? Or should amending the U.S. Constitution be made more difficult than it is?

Summarize "Morning's in Jenin" and how does it relate to constructivism, orientalism, and/or post-colonial theory?

(TCO 7) Radicals use the term political economy instead of _____ to describe their critique of capitalism and the inequitable distribution of wealth among nations. Marxism laissez-faire public choice Keynesian

How significant a role does media play in the US presidential elections

Federalist 68, how is how are the numbers of electoral votes determined for each state? and Why does Hamilton advocate for the Electoral College over a direct election?

Question: In your opinion, why do you think we have never had a female President in the United States? What would need to change for a female President to get elected? NOTE: Don't just think of Hillary Clinton when answering your question, as she is unique given her experience and notoriety (plus she hasn't won a Presidentialp P.s. I need At least more than 6 sentences.

How does President Truman's in his diary excerpt from July 25, 1947 talks about the atomic bomb and describes how the atomic bomb is a "terrible weapon" and how a small bomb can do a tremendous amount of damage?

Please define the difference between poverty and absolute poverty

Which of the following represents a modern-day tragedy of the commons? a. global warming b. air and water pollution c. depletion of oil (fossil-fuel) supplies d. all of the above

Which of the following is not exempted from Georgia's General Sales and Use Taxes? A) seed and fertilizers B) fishing licenses C) air pollution control devices D) prescription drugs E) contact lens

How did The Enlightenment, or Age of Reason, in the eighteenth century inspired an alternate route to that of the past that is now all people would be equal before the law, born free?

Should government consult experts on public policy? Why of why not? If so, where should experts be recruited from?

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