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Reading: Weekly Reading Modules: Why Were the Victorians Obsessed with Death? & Poe's tales, "The Raven" & "The Oblong Box" Writing: DB Write a summary of, Why Were the Victorians Obsessed with Death? The summary should be ½ a page and include a formal introduction (author, title, & genre). In the second paragraph identify the similarities in the tale, "The Oblong Box" and "The Raven".

Write an essay about one famous English poet describing either his life or his work.

AMERICAN LIT. How would you describe Kincaid and Diaz's writing styles? How is their style and content different from the previous writers you've read? Would you say their style is reflective of the time period in which they were written? Why or why not?

examples of a poem, atleast 10 lines long using the TOASTT process with 2 strong imagery and 3 poetic devices and cannotations

Poetry - Write an original insect poems/ haiku/song lyrics. 20 pts/full page or more. (double space) NOTE: Poems in specific style do not have to "fill" full lines all the way across the page. - Maximum of 20 pts total

an object or person that has more meaning that itself is known as?

I need a 3 page paper on what the human line by Ellen Bass contemporary lesbian poet I liked the book, it had a lot of imagery, simile and metaphors in it. Critique it not criticize it that's not what a critique is thank you in adavance I need it by 2 pm thanks

English Comprehension (ENG101) Fall 2015 Assignment No. 2 Total Marks: 20 Objective: To improve students' awareness of the course and to assess their logical reasoning skills To enhance and evaluate students' English writing and speaking skills Instructions: Late assignments will not be accepted. If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. Plagiarism means taking credit for someone else's work by presenting it as your own; however, taking the ideas from different sources and to express it in your own words will be accepted. No assignment will be accepted via e-mail. The file should be in Word doc form; the font color should be preferably black and font size: 12 Times New Roman. 1. Read the following paragraph carefully and respond to the following questions. Each question asks you to make a logical inference based on the details provided in the text. (10 Marks = 4+3+4) Each day after work Ali took his mucky boots off on the steps of the front entrance. Aliya would lose her temper if the boots made it so far as the welcome mat. He then removed his dusty overalls and dropped them into a plastic garbage bag; Aliya left a new garbage bag tied to the entrance railing for him every morning. On his way towards home, he dropped the garbage bag off at the washing machine and went straight upstairs to the shower as he was directed. He would have dinner with her after he was "presentable" as Aliya had frequently said. 1. (a) What type of job does Ali perform? ______________________________________________________________________________ (b) How do you know this? Explain with textual reference. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Describe Aliya. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. (a) What relationship do Ali and Aliya have? ______________________________________________________________________________ (b) What makes you feel this way? Explain with textual reference. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Speaking Activity (10 Marks) Perform a role play with your friend using the provided situation, key words and picture. Then share your experience in the form of a dialogue you did with your friend. Your dialogue must use these key words correctly according to this situation and should have at least ten turns for each character. Key words: Industrious Waste Obsess Conscious Immature Irresponsible Situation: In this picture, Alice is the mother and Lisby is the daughter. Lisby is the student of F.Sc. Alice is advising her daughter to study hard as her exams are approaching and not to waste time in fun activities such as using Facebook, chatting or watching television shows. But Lisby is not ready to listen as she thinks that she has studied her subjects well and will manage to get through exam in good grades.

Dear Tutor please help ........ 'Unto This Last' is a book written by: (a) Mill on economic reforms (b) Carlyle on moral reforms (c) Ruskin on moral reforms (d) None of these

This is a Chicano and Chicana Study Journal questionnaire, and the suppl text of the each question was provided to answer, please follow the instruction in questionnaire file, you could provide your own thoughts and insight too

ed dou Composition Project This project is about writing yourself into a relationship with a text and then seeing who has similar or different ideas about the text. Begin by writing a few pages about your relation to one of the texts that we have read so far this term. Spend some time exploring why you like or resonate with certain elements of the text. Write yourself into some unexplored areas of relation between you and the text. Once you've explored (and you should learn through your own writing; you should not know all of your questions prior to the writing) your relation to the text, consider what you'd like to discuss with others (which is the real beginning of research). Do you want to create a survey or an interview to start the conversation? Do you want to "talk" to others who have published on the area you'd like to discuss? Further your conversation in these ways. Then "talk" to other more, via survey, interview, or library search. Your final product should be somewhere around 5 of text (not including any works cited page) and should use either APA or MLA format (your choice based on what style if would be most useful for you to practice). ii , five pages is good, i have attached the text to use below. it is supposed to be us I am a twenty one year old male, interested in sports, travelling, living a good life and always having fun, so if you could relate that into it, that would be perfect.

It seemed like years had passed in this cramped 'dungeon', when in fact we were only four days into the voyage. Like many others from my village in Africa, we were sold as slaves to unknown people in unknown land. Yet again, another young man vomited and the stench of his vomit simply added to the already foul atmosphere. A middle-aged man lying opposite me started gasping desperately for air before losing consciousness. Later, we heard that he had breathed his last. Many others were groaning in discomfort and pain. With so many bodies closely packed together, the heat and stuffiness became unbearable. Undoubtedly, contagious diseases such as small pox, measles and dysentery spread rapidly from one person to another. The crew on board the ship was not spared either. The whole deck was damp and dark, and only once since the beginning of the voyage were we taken out for a breath of fresh air. To add to the misery of the existing conditions, we were very often given insufficient food. Once, an outspoken man stood up to ask for more food and drinks only to be severely whipped by our captors on the count of rebellion. After that incident, he was chained and left without food for a few days. I looked at Tohan who seemed increasingly pale each day. He had lost his appetite over the last few days. I had been keeping vigil by his side, watching over him with very little sleep. "I can't take it any more. I want to go home ... " cried Tohan. "Hush, Tohan, bear with it. We'll be reaching there soon," I urged Tohan. Tears welled up in my eyes. I knew it was not true. I did not have the least knowledge where we were heading, but I was convinced that wherever the destination, it was- far away from home. I touched Tohan's head and was taken aback by the extremely high temperature. I pulled him close to my side and prayed, the way Mother had taught us. The next day, Tohan died. I was filled with grief and overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. I had promised Mother that I would take good care of Tohan. In the midst of my sadness, the ship came to a halt. We were forced out of the ship and made to wait along the coast like sheep to be slaughtered. Many of my brothers looked weak and forlorn as we stood there awaiting our fate. Questions 1. What does 'dungeon' suggest about the condition of the place the writer is referring to ? 2. What eventually happened to the middle-aged man lying opposite the writer ? 3. Give two reasons why diseases had spread rapidly among the men. 4. 'The crew on board the ship was not spared either.' Explain clearly what this means. 5. Why did the captors whip the man for asking more food ? 6. What does 'it' refer to ? 7. Give two words that describe the writer. 8. What were the two reasons that contributed to Tohan's death ? 9. Why do you think the writer used the word 'brothers' to describe the other men on the ship ? Explain your answer clearly. 10. What was the 'fate' the writer was referring to ?

I need to give a classmate feedback on his work he made a poem .The topic is of meat consumption and how unsustainable it might be. I need quality feedback MEAT FOR THOUGHT Lean legs revealed in shorts. Hair notched on one side, the other running wild. Bohemian wrapped in a sweet vegetarian life. So he mourns, the life of our bellies, the disgust of our actions. Devotee like many, he lurches against the law of man, the inequity of hearts, pitched on those on four. Barbecue on the front porch; meat fanatics, a steak rests on your table, roasting its marinated skin. The soul of disobedience, hear the voice, challenge it. Unrestrained with your humane forks and knives. Generations immemorial hunters and gatherers. Today the cycle gyrates, us, emperors of food chain calling the shots. Unsustainable meat production, flawed consumption patterns. Culture dictates rules, perpetuates wicked indulgencies. Soybeans for cows and pigs, covering distances of pole to pole. Do we care?

Harold Nicholson described which poet as 'Very yellow and glum. Perfect manners'? a. e. e. Cummings b. T. S. Elliot c. John Greenleaf Whittier d. Walt Whitman

Please help me with this ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your initial, substantive post should be 225+ words, grammatically correct and using examples from the text. Select your favorite three of the fourteen "Tuesday chapters" in which Morrie and Mitch discuss life. Write about why you chose these particular chapters. Be specific; make references to the text.

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