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According to Nozick, love requires that we experience every preference of our beloved as our own preference. True False

Does Susan Wolf think that having children can make a person's life more meaningful? Present Wolf's position and her specific argument (her reasons) for holding this position. Do you accept Wolf's position and argument?—why or why not?

in their groundwork for metaphysics of morals we find that to act on duty is question?

What do you do, give the money to the deserving orphanage, or keep your promise to What do you do, give the money to the deserving orphanage, or keep your promise to the woman and give the money to her nephew? the woman and give the money to her nephew?

Only claims that can be objectively verified can be trusted. Many people have reported encounters with ghosts. So the existence of ghosts is likely to be true. Is this acceptable or unacceptable? Based on what condition?

Philopsophy is not something that comes easy to me. Any insight would be appreicated.

Pragmatism says that a text means whatever most people think it means.

How does Pragmatism differ from the more traditional philosophies of Idealism, Realism, and Thomism?

HELP i really do not understand kierkegaard'f fear and trembling. JUST need an overview.

It is not unusual to hear people say, "My philosophy about that is..." Generally, what they mean by "philosophy" is not the same as the meaning of "philosophy" in this course. To beginners in philosophy and experts in some philosophical area or topic, "philosophy" has something to do with its original meaning in Greek: philo (love) + sophia (wisdom), or the love of wisdom. how would you distinguish between what the phrase "My philosophy about that is..." and the word "philosophy" mean?

is utilitarianism the correct view of morality ? who or why not? if so, which version: act- utilitarianism or rule- utilitarianism

Some utilitarians believe that rule utilitarianism is better that act utilitarianism in that, unlike act utilitarianism, it would say, for example, that your action of peeping on your neighbor is impermissible (even if it increases the net happiness of the universe). Is it truly any better? Explain your answer.

For Kant what are pure intuitions and the pure forms of the sensibility?

Do persistent economic uncertainties in many semi-socialist countries indicate that Marx was wrong about communism being the end of history? Or do they support his assertion that communism is the ultimate result of the contradictions inherent in capitalistic and semi-socialistic countries?

What are some of the epistemology questions that a philosopher might ponder.

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