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What are r each initiatives in marketing and why are they important?

Describe the risks of undertaking data analysis without a data analysis plan.

Explain how companies identify and use brand ambassadors and brand evangelists.

Assume that you are the communications manager for a company that is seeking to begin a communications effort targeting buyers in a foreign market. Which of the steps in the international communications process will probably present you with the greatest challenge? Explain.

If I am trying to conduct a survey and my target population is females ages 18-24 in metropolitan areas and I live in Boston, MA, what would be the best research design (telephone, in-person, via internet, mail) to conduct the survey if I am a student at one of the major colleges and why?

Target Market 1 - Totally blind - Geographic: - Demographic/socioeconomic: - Psychographic: - Behavioral: - Product-related: Target Market 2 - Legally blind - Geographic: - Demographic/socioeconomic: - Psychographic: - Behavioral: - Product-related: Target Market 3 - Low vision - Geographic: - Demographic/socioeconomic: - Psychographic: - Behavioral: - Product-related:

The background for a Benadryl allergy medication ad appearing in the magazine Better Homes and Gardens shows green grass and lovely flowers. The headline states "Benadryl is 54 percent more effective than the leading prescription." At the bottom of the ad, in small print, is an explanation of how the effectiveness of Benadryl was determined.

The "Got milk?" print campaign is advertising that stimulates demand for a ____, known as ____ advertising. a. product category; institutional b. product; comparative c. brand category; pioneer d. roduct brand; competitive e. product category; pioneer

Create a Blog to which they will post their observations of marketing strategies and tactics. These can be current marketing events they have read about or observed in their professional or personal lives and that they can write as if they were an expert in the field. Before writing a blog, students may need to conduct extra research about a marketing topic in order to write the blog from an expert perspective. The objective of the assignment is to stretch and solidify knowledge of the marketing concepts through direct application and commentary. In addition, each student will post one comment to another student's blog. Substantial blogs should contain at least 1,200 words

How can evaluation be used to keep a marketing plan of any length viable?

Evaluate the following statement using a 95% confidence level interval: "The average price for a 40'' diagonal HDTV at Best Buy is $589,00". Prices for 100 different 40 inch HDTVs were collected from several Best Buy locations. The average price in this sample was $604.25 and the standard deviation was $56. Would your answer change if you would use a 99% confidence level for your interval? Explain.

Post and reply regarding the PPC, OTP, Psychographics and Demographics. As with all the forums for this course

bow's sales slipped during the worldwide recession in 2008 and 2009. is its segmentation stately too selective? why or why not?

Find three examples of print advertisements that use stimulus factors (such as contrast) to gain attention and evaluate the effectiveness of the stimulus input provided.

Why is the Likert Scale considered an interval scale if the distance between two points is not calculable? For example, i cannot determine the value between "agree" and "somewhat agree" on a scale, so why would it not be ordinal?

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