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MGT520-DF8 There are a variety of factors that can affect the overall performance rating of an individual. Aguinis (2013) defines two methods — 1) judgmental and 2) mechanical — for reaching an overall score and states that the mechanical approach is preferable in most cases, particularly if performance objectives are not weighted. Go to pages 162-163 in your textbook and review Case Study 6-2: Judgmental and Mechanical Methods of Assigning Overall Performance Score at The Daily Planet. Discuss the implications of the judgmental and mechanical methods of assigning performance scores. NOTES: the article should be between 250-300 words.

Write a 6-8 page paper with (5) quality academic references in APA Format. Please include the (5) in-text citations as well. Please read the "HRM 532 Assignment 5 Instructions". Then view the "HRM 532 Assignment 3 Talent Management Strategy" for your reference. After doing that please open the document entitled "HRM 532 Assignment 5 Template For Paper". The template is what you will use to structure this paper. Please view the "HRM 532 Assignment 5 Grading Rubric" to see how the professor will grade the assignment. Attached documents: (1.) HRM 532 Assignment 5 Instructions (2.) HRM 532 Assignment 3 Talent Management Strategy (3.) HRM 532 Assignment 5 Template For Paper (4.) HRM 532 Assignment 5 Grading Rubric

Discuss with your colleagues the questions: What is globalization? What are the challenges of globalization? Identify at least three challenges in the response. What can be done to overcome the challenges? Support your original ideas with outside research. Please refer to the rubric posted in the syllabus. http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/content/about-globalization https://www.polity.co.uk/global/whatisglobalization.asp

___________________ refers to how we communication to ourselves. (Points : 1) Mediated communication Interpersonal communication Intrapersonal communication Public communication

Which includes communication under the scope is ... a. Internal and external communication b. informal communication c. Non-formal communication d. Formal communication

Big Data Analytics, discuss the Types of Data Repositories that are connected to Predictive Analytics and explain the key predictive analyst roles that are used to support your findings

What are the differences in immunity for ambassadors and their embassies and consuls and their consulates? Explain the rationale and implications of the differences.

Senthil is a salesperson for Cloud 9 Corporation's Chennai office. If the salespersons meet their sales goals for the month, they are given an all-expense-paid trip to a Salgaonkar Club football game. Football is not one of Chennai's favorite sports, and the Salgaonkar Club is definitely not Senthil's favorite team. Which component of Vroom's expectancy theory influences Senthil's performance?

What advice would you offer today to the Australian Minister of Agriculture? To the head of the Australian wine industry association? To the owner of a mid-size, well regarded vineyard in the Barossa Valley (a premier Australian wine region) producing wines in the premium and super premium categories?

Monty the Magician was hired by a Las Vegas hotel to perform 5 weekly shows for an entire year. Half way through the year, Monty died from a heart attack. The shows had to be discontinued until a new magician could be found. As a result, the hotel lost money. Using legal concepts, explain whether Monty's estate or agent are responsible for the hotel's lost revenue?

An urn contains 7 blue and 3 yellow chips. If the drawing of chips is done with replacement, determine the probability of: (a) Drawing three yellow chips. (b) Drawing a blue chip on the first draw and a yellow chip on the second draw. (c) Drawing a blue chip on the second draw given that a yellow chip was drawn on the first draw. (d) Drawing a yellow chip on the second draw given that a blue chip was drawn on the first draw. (e) Drawing a yellow chip on the second draw given that a yellow chip was drawn on the first draw.

Felicia, a marketing executive of Trinola Inc., a manufacturer of nutritional supplements, visits a high school to promote Trinola's products. She conducts a survey among students and classifies them into three groups: those who do not take any nutritional supplements, those who take Trinola's nutritional supplements, and those who prefer nutritional supplements of other brands. Felicia talks to the first group about the importance of consuming nutritional supplements and to the second group about Trinola's products in detail. To the third group, she explains why Trinola's products are better than those of other brands. In this scenario, which of the following types of market segmentation does Felicia employ??

1) Discuss the pros and cons of two information security management models that would be appropriate for ChoicePoint to implement? Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each model within the context of Choice Point's business model 2) Design an information security metrics program that would provide ChoicePoint executives with visibility into the effectiveness of the security program in preventing future data breaches. What information security metrics would you recommend and why?

Question 6 Use the following data to answer the next question: =============================================================================== ## Hall's Private Space: Denmark: High; France: Medium-High; Greece: Medium-High; Hong Kong: Medium-Low; India: Medium-Low; Ireland: High; Japan: Medium-High; Malaysia: Low; Portugal: Medium; Russia: Medium; Singapore: Medium-Low; South Korea: Medium; UK: High ## Hall's High vs Low Context: Denmark: Low; France: Medium; Greece: Medium-High; Hong Kong: Medium-High; India: Medium-High; Ireland: Low; Japan: High; Malaysia: High; Portugal: Medium-High; Russia: Medium-High; Singapore: Medium-High; South Korea: High; UK: Low ## Hofstede's Individualism: Denmark: 74; France: 71; Greece: 35; Hong Kong: 25; India: 48; Ireland: 70; Japan: 46; Malaysia: 26; Portugal: 27; Russia: 39; Singapore: 20; South Korea: 18; UK: 89 ## Hofstede's Power Distance: Denmark: 18; France: 68; Greece: 60; Hong Kong: 68; India: 77; Ireland: 28; Japan: 54; Malaysia: 100; Portugal: 63; Russia: 93; Singapore: 74; South Korea: 60; UK: 35 ## Hofstede's Uncertainty Avoidance: Denmark: 23; France: 86; Greece: 100; Hong Kong: 29; India: 40; Ireland: 35; Japan: 92; Malaysia: 26; Portugal: 99; Russia: 95; Singapore: 8; South Korea: 85; UK: 35 ## Hofstede's Masculinity: Denmark: 16; France: 43; Greece: 57; Hong Kong: 57; India: 56; Ireland: 68; Japan: 95; Malaysia: 50; Portugal: 31; Russia: 36; Singapore: 48; South Korea: 39; UK: 66 ## Hofstede's Indulgence: Denmark: 70; France: 48; Greece: 50; Hong Kong: 17; India: 26; Ireland: 65; Japan: 42; Malaysia: 57; Portugal: 33; Russia: 20; Singapore: 46; South Korea: 29; UK: 69 =============================================================================== Imagine your bank transferred you to a foreign subsidiary. You quickly notice that in the country you were sent to people tend to save more, and buy more long term pension plans, than you were used to at home. On the other hand, they tend to spend much less in dining and traveling. According to the data provided, and assuming the listed variables is all the information you have, there is a much greater probability that you went to a country such as ________, than to _______ : a. Singapore; Portugal b. Japan; South Korea c. Denmark; France d. Russia; Greece

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