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All mRNA molecules exist for the same amount of time within a cell. A) True B) False

In a normal karyotype, there is (are) __________ pair(s) of autosomal chromosomes, and __________ pair(s) of sex chromosomes. A) 23, 23 B) 23, 1 C) 22, 1 D) 21, 2 E) 1, 1

Erythrocyte production A) is stimulated by erythropoietin. B) requires folate, B12, and iron. C) is stimulated by low O2 levels in the blood. D) occurs in red bone marrow. E) all of these

During conditions of severe dehydration, hematocrit __________ , which results in a(n) __________ in blood viscosity. A) decreases, decrease B) decreases, increase C) increases, decrease D) increases, increase

The most important function of albumin in the plasma is A) to destroy foreign substances. B) to maintain osmotic pressure. C) blood clotting. D) transport other substances. E) for acid-base balance.

The lining of blood vessels is covered with A) simple ciliated cuboidal epithelium B) simple squamous epithelium C) transitional epithelium D) simple columnar epithelium with microvilli E) simple ciliated columnar epithelium

The blood brain barrier is A) a spongy bone. B) located in the pia mater. C) about the size of the cortex. D) located in all three meninges. E) none of the above

In the autonomic reflex that regulates blood pressure, the type of sensory receptors involved are A) baroreceptors. B) chemoreceptors. C) nociceptors. D) thermoreceptors.

A tissue with collagen fibers, proteoglycans, and chondrocytes is A) adipose B) blood C) bone D) cartilage E) dense connective tissue

Which of these processes illustrates positive-feedback? A) increase in respiratory rate during exercise B) increase in heart rate when blood pressure decreases C) shivering when body temperature decreases D) increase in uterine contractions when uterine stretching increases during childbirth E) all of these

The end products of lipid, protein, and carbohydrate digestion enter the blood capillaries of the villi. A) True B) False

All of the formed elements of the blood are derived from A) erythrocytes. B) leukocytes. C) platelets. D) stem cells. E) neutrophils.

What function do fibroblasts serve in connective tissue? A) carry on phagocytosis B) secrete heparin that prevents blood clotting C) secrete proteins that become fibers in the connective tissue matrix D) release histamine associated with allergies and inflammation

The hormone _______________, which is secreted by the adrenal _______________, causes the kidney to conserve sodium and excrete potassium ions and indirectly helps to maintain systemic blood pressure. (pp. 501-505)aldosterone; cortex angiotensin I; medulla cortisol; cortex epinephrine; medulla

In the pancreas, ______________ cells secrete insulin, which ____________ blood levels of glucose. (pp. 507-508)delta; raises alpha; lowers beta; raises beta; lowers

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