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The script of Indus Valley Civilization was? (a) Undeciphered (b) Dravidian (c) Persian (d) Sanskrit

Why did Alfred Thayer Mahan consider the Navy "the handmaid of expansion"?Topic: The Path to Imperialism

Renaissance art era: What are some of the basic characteristics of Renaissance art? What is your opinion of Renaissance art compared to those art historical periods that came before it. you will need to navigate around the smarthistory.org site and take a look at the Brief History of Art link: http://smarthistory.khanacademy.org/for-the-beginner.html

Which Radio DJ used to host the comedy slot between 1pm and 2pm every Saturday Lunch until 1994?

What is the name of the opposition leader in the Republic of South Sudan and in which year did that republic gain its independence

Question 8 Which of the following is the best definition of a political party? a. an organization that seeks to generate a profit from its control of government b. a quasi-government agency that controls the government and minimizes competition of ideas c. an organization that seeks to win elections for the purpose of influencing the outputs of government d. a government agency that seeks to control government at local, state, and federal levels e. an organization that seeks to challenge governmental authority through organized protes

Robert Curthose was the son of which king? Robert Curthose was the son of which king?

I have another practice quiz that I need help with! Let me know if your available. This is a one our time limit quiz so let me know when you are ready!

Questions for Analysis Ask Historical Questions: Why were Irish Nell and her descendants enslaved? What assumptions about race, gender, and social order contributed to their enslavement? Analyze the Evidence: According to the witnesses, why did Irish Nell marry Charles? Why did Charles marry Irish Nell? What did it mean to the witnesses that Irish Nell was a white woman? To what extent are the testimonies reliable evidence? Consider the Context: How did the witnesses learn about Irish Nell and Charles? What do the testimonies suggest about the neighborhood where Irish Nell and Charles resided? What do they suggest about the relationship between servants and slaves? Recognize Viewpoints: Why did Lord Baltimore warn Irish Nell about marrying Charles? How did Nell's viewpoint differ from that of Lord Baltimore and other white Marylanders?

a: lascaux b : babylon c. stonehenge d :abu simbel

Apart from the hanging garden of Babylon, where are the rest of the wonders of the ancient world located?

In 1987 and 1990, who won Pulitzer Prizes for the dramas Fences and The Piano Lesson? A. Sam Shepard B. Alfred Uhry C. August Wilson

What were the first names of the famous explorers Lewis and Clark? A. Clark and Lewis B. John and Lincoln C. Benjamin and Samue l D. Meriwether and William

Why did Cleopatra kill herslef and was she married to antony?

Answer each question individually 1. List four different parts of the Roman Republic and what were the duties of each? 2. Trace nine steps where Rome went from a republic to an empire. 3. Explain Jesus' two basic principles . 4. Why was Jesus' message so well received ? 5. Date the significant events in Christianity 1. Paul's conversion - 2. Roman's sack/ destruction of Jerusalem- 3. Diolectians prosecution - 4. Edict is Milan - 5. Council of Nicaea -

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