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This week's reading offers an introduction to the theory of global terrorism by offering definitions and a broadbrush overview of several terrorist organizations. The vast majority of terrorist organizations that formed in the 20th and 21st centuries generally fit neatly into a broad category. We have seen groups that can be labeled as religious, ideological, separatist, etc. However, not all groups fit neatly into one category, and that brings us to this week's question. Please start a new thread in which you answer my question(s), and then respond to at least two of your classmates. Be sure to cite your work. Into which category would you place the Islamic State? Does it fit neatly into one category, or does it defy traditional labels? Could the argument be made that Islamic State has evolved beyond a traditional terrorist organization and become a de facto state? Why or why not?

For Questions One and Two , read the article attached entitled, ' A Brief History of Liberalism and Modern Political Thought'. 1) What is the difference between the word liberal in the classical sense versus the contemporary meaning of the word? What is liberalism in the classical sense predicated on? 2) According to the reading, how did the industrial revolution along with the first and second World Wars forever change or alter the foundation of liberalism and modern democracy? 3) Read over the 'Democracy Outline' that is attached. According to the outline, what are the four basics elements of democracy? In 2015, which do you think the United States is the most effective in upholding for its citizens? 4) Please watch two videos (Milton Friedman-Take It to the Limit and Karl Marx). Briefly define Marxist socialism and libertarianism? (You may use outside sources if the ones in the syllabus do not suffice). 5) According to the material on "Democratic Socialism" (HTML)?"Democratic Capitalism: MWCC Interview with Ray Carey" (you may also use outside sources), what is the difference between democratic socialism and democratic capitalism?

Hello, I have the following assignment. length is 250-300 words and have to use two of the three readings attached. due on Sunday 5/29 This week we focus on the definition of terrorism. You may be surprised to learn during your readings that the concept of terrorism is actually rather difficult to define. Some people say that terrorism is simply the use of tactics that invoke terror, but that's an unsatisfactory definition because it neatly avoids discussing the aim of such tactics. Some people say that terrorism is the illegitimate use of force to achieve a political goal, but that leaves the reader to determine whether force was used illegitimately. It also leaves the reader to contend with a rather large gray area, which definitions are meant to dispel. When you consider the Holocaust or other state-sponsored ethnic cleansing operations (Rwanda, Bosnia, etc), you aren't really sure whether that's considered terrorism or simply government run amok. And on that note, I present this week's question. Please start a new thread in which you answer my question(s), and then respond to at least two classmates. The Islamic State's stated end-goal is to establish an Islamic caliphate. What makes them a terrorist organization? Do their actions and tactics meet many of the generally-accepted definitions of terrorism? How? Could they instead be viewed as guerilla fighters seeking to establish legitimate authority, much like our Founding Fathers strived to do during the American Revolution?

If you were in a position of power (President, member of Congress) what would you reduce or eliminate in regards to federal departments, agencies, programs, etc. in order to bring down our national debt?

Please complete the assignment that is in the attached document. Thank you.

Select a current political news event from this week's newspaper 2-page essay that addresses the following questions. How is this news event relevant to any of this week's topics? Your submission should include a summary of the news article, its relationship to one of this week's topics, and a bibliographic citation for the source of the article. Your essay should follow APA guidelines for citation and punctuation.

Hello how are you? I need to do an Jornal article ananlysis I need help doing everything I choose the topic Immigrant work in riskier job

Why do 33% of Americans not participate in the process of governance?

Explain how voter turnout is measured. Compare voter turnout in the U.S. with that in other countries. Describe the factors that affect the level of voter turnout in the United States. Compare voter turnout in Texas to that in the United States as a whole. Identify the historic and contemporary factors which have led to a culture of low voter turnout in Texas. How do you think voter turnout could be increased in Texas?

Question 12 Growing in popularity and use is the "Missouri Plan" for selecting judges at the state level. What are the steps in this process? a. A non-partisan commission appoints the judge, and after a two-year trial service the governor may be appointed for life. b. A judge is appointed by the governor through a partisan process but later must run for reelection as a nonpartisan candidate. c. The legislature chooses the judge by a three-fourths vote and the judge is then appointed for a life term. d. The state supreme court convenes a committee comprised of three of its justices, who then choose the new judge based on merit issues. e. A judicial nominating committee chooses three judicial candidates based on merit; the governor appoints one from the list, and after two years the judge stands for election by the voters

Read Chapter 1, Answer case 1.1-1.3 Each question should be answered in several sentences.

Hello I have the following question. It has to be answered in 300 words or less. Several of you have chosen to focus your final papers on suicide bombings, which makes this week's reading assignments rather timely. To paraphrase one of our readings this week, many people are tempted to view suicide bombers as "lone wolves" who are detached from an ideology or a greater purpose. However, they are in fact virtually always part of a larger network - a movement that by its very nature is designed to terrorize a targeted populace. Suicide bombings have proliferated greatly over the past 30 years because they are brutally effective at achieving their aim of projecting a terrorist group's influence into areas that would traditionally be viewed as difficult to reach. On that note, I present this week's question. Please start a new thread in which you answer my question(s), and then provide a substantive response to at least two of your classmates. Can suicide bombers really be stopped? Is it possible to prevent them by understanding the behaviors associated with suicide bombers? At what point, if ever, do you think terrorist organizations will stop using this tactic?

hroughout history, different presidents are viewed as having done a good job while in office, and others are seen as not having been so effective. Your task in this assignment is to research and evaluate our current president. Think about the following issues: How well is the president doing in terms of our relationship with other nations? What type of relationship does the president have with Congress? Are things getting done in Washington? Research information about our president's job performance and write a 2-3 page persuasive essay (one that attempts to convince others to agree with your opinion) explaining your views on the quality level of our president's job performance. Be sure to use examples from your research to back up your explanation. Include a list of at least 3 sources at the end of your paper. When your work is complete, submit it to your instructor for grading.

. Identify and describe four types of taxes that fund state (not local or federal) government in Texas. Explain the relative merits of each tax in terms of generating revenue. What does the revenue generated from the taxes fund? Do you think the system of taxation in Texas is fair (see Who Pays link below)? When there is a budget surplus should taxes be cut or should the money be spent on other areas, such as education, roads, healthcare , etc.?

Need help with political economy/institutional interlocking and how it effects environmental outcomes

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