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Regarding the topic of Channel ordering (Geomorphology), how do the stream order and stream magnitude approaches work? ex: If one stream of order 2 joins one stream of order 3, the resulting stream will have a stream order of (?) and a stream magnitude of (?)

The refraction of waves in coastal systems is caused by a-waves crest encountering a shallower bed b-wave troughs encountering a shallower bed c-wave crest hitting other wave crests d-wave troughs hitting other wave troughs

Why is the ground-level vegetation in tropical rainforests so sparse? a. Because of hundreds of years of human impact, ground-level vegetation has been cleared to make way for agricultural activities. b. Because the vegetation does not allow an adequate amount of light to penetrate to the forest floor. c. Because the rates of runoff and erosion are so high that vegetation cannot gain an adequate hold on the forest floor. d. Because of the steep topography, vegetation has a difficult time clinging to slopes.

Assuming that snow will only form when it is below 5 degrees C in which months is it cold enough to snow on Mt Buffalo (at The Horn)?

Briefly explain how an ox bow lake is formed in a drainage system

Which one of the following likely not to be permanent? A: Ox-bow Lake. B: Playa. C: Lagoon. D: Caldera.

Lake formation can be associated with many land forming processes.Which one of the lakes below is associated with glaciation? a. lagoon b. tarn c. crater d. ox-bow lake

The seasonal summer beach (in contrast to winter beach) is characterized by............ slope and............................. a.steep; erosion exceeding deposition of sand b. shallow; erosion exceeding deposition of sand c. shallow; deposition exceeding erosion of sand d. steep; deposition exceeding erosion of sand

Longshore currents move sand parallel to the coastline building spits and barrier islands-while rip currents transport water and sand perpendicular (away from) the coastline. a. True b. False

The Sierra Madre Oriental is a mountain range in which country?

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all potential types of spatial or geographical data. True or false?

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave on the coast of which Italian island?

The atmosphere is more likely to be stable during a: winter morning than a winter afternoon winter afternoon than a winter morning

7. Diameter of Sun is.......................................?

A______ is a set or collection of things that are somehow related and organized a. scale b. system c. pathway d. realm

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