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Why do you think that forensic scientists continue to look for class characteristics given their limitations?

The entire range of radiation energy from the most energetic cosmic rays to the least energetic radio waves

An organization finds a malicious USB in one of the servers in its server room. Which of the following best describes this attack? a. An unknown attacker dropped hardware b. An employee is capturing test data c. The USB is being used for licensing a special software application d. Rain Rainbow table are being generated

In the first crime scene, what other evidence might be available for forensic scientist in addition to your suspect sketch? choose one piece of evidence that might be available. How would forensic scientist use the evidence to identify the suspect?

bite mark of odotonlogy I don't have knowledge. Bite marks are an important factor for the field of odontology when determining the "predator." Bite mark evidence are being used since the mid of 1970s and as for today still been use. Locating a bite mark which the upper and lower teeth have left is unusual as depends on the person is bitten and if the person was moving when they got bitten (Saxeona, Sharma & Gupta, 2010). The author explains, bite marks change over time on a person's body since the skin grows as the body develops. In a crime scene, it is important to take photographs from all angles of perspective of the bite marks or bruises since there are high chances of bite marks or bruisers changing overtime (2010). Forensic odontology uses the scale and tools to record the information of the bite mark. Is important to know that bruises appear after four hours when the person has been bitten and takes about 36 hours to disappear (2010). Photographs are part of the forensic odontology because taking pictures of the bite mark and bruises can be present to the court when presenting evidences. If the person is pronounce dead, the forensic has to wait until the "lividity stage" starts to develop (Saxeona, Sharma and Gupta, 2010). Most of bite mark or bruises occur in crimes of rape, child abuse, and homicide cases. There are seven kinds of bruises; bruise or rub, sucking (hicky), laceration, avulsion of tissue and single tooth imprint (Saxeona, Sharma and Gupta, 2010). Nevertheless, in the case of Bundy, the forensic odontologist use bite mark from one victim to identify Bundy as the killer, Bundy was a wise and intelligent person who did not leave any trace on any of his victims however; he wasn't that intelligent after all. Bite marks an evidence has been used since 1970s and is a helpful technique on the forensic odontology field in solving criminal cases and identifying the person (Saxeona, Sharma and Gupta, 2010).

A forensic odontologist examines the teeth of a skull and finds no baby teeth, no wisdom teeth, scarring in the rear jawbone, no dental diseases or tooth degeneration, and a low D-aspartic acid to L-aspartic acid ratio in the dentin. Which age range fits this skull? 15-22 years old 25-50 years old less than 10 years old greater than 50

What are the 5 steps in crime scene investigation?

A promise made by the grantors that they will perform any acts necessary to correct defects in the title being conveyed and any errors or deficiencies in the deed itself

Why do you think forensic scientists study bloodstain patterns

The weakest point during iris print identification inML practice is: a. Cataract. b. Fear. c. Unavailability of device. d. No large databases.

Why is ethics important for the forensics profession?

What is your main challenge in using DNA typing to determine whether your suspicion is correct? How would you go about using DNA technology to test your theory?

what is A list that records every official person who handles a piece of evidence. Those in the chain put their initials and the date on the evidence container.

When the first entire human genome was sequenced, it took 15 labs working together over 10 years to complete. Individuals can now get their DNA sequenced in about a month for $250. Speculate how this might improve forensic DNA analysis in terms of statistics and the "1 in 150 trillion people" statement.

grantor has title to the real estate with no exceptions other than those listed. contains certain promises called covenants

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