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Can you show me how to solve this equation below? Step by Step..... I don't fully understand how to work the problem. Input/Output Relationship: Assume that the amount of learning you acquire can be summarized by the following relationship (or equation) and that your motivation to learn and the quality of instruction are both rated on a scale from 1 to 10: Amount of learning acquired = 0.2(number of books read) + 0.25(hours spent studying) + 0.15(quality of instruction) + 0.4(motivation to learn). If the quality of instruction rises from 8 to 10, by how much will the amount of learning acquired rise as a result?

1. Price Elasticity A. Using the total Revenue test described beginning on page 123, determine whether the following goods are elastic, inelastic or unit elastic: 1. Price rises from 5 to 6 and quantity falls from 15 to 10. 2. Price falls from 10 to 9 and quantity rises from 100 to 110. 3. Price falls from 3 to 2 and quantity rises from 200 to 300. 4. Price rises from 3.75 to 4 and quantity falls from 340 to 300. B. Using the mid-point formula found on page 116, determine whether the following goods are elastic, inelastic or unit elastic: Price Quantity Demanded 12 50 10 70 8 80 95 6 1. price goes from 12 to 10 2. price goes from 10 to 8 3. price goes from 8 to 6 4. Why is it important for a producer of a product to know the price elasticity of demand?

If the price is lowered from ?$ 8 to ?$ 7, then the change in total revenue is ----- ?$ thousand.

hello where should i put the quantity effect? thank you

Here are data on Japanese exports and imports for 2012: Japanese Exports ($ millions) Japanese Imports ($ millions) Perfumes (55310) 3 234 Cosmetics (55320) 1291 1183 Books and brochures (89219) 96 251 What is the intraindustry trade share (IIT) for each product? Do similar products necessarily have similar IIT shares in the same country?

sir please upload solution of chapter 4 and 5 of microeconomics book

Kudremukh Iron Ore project is in the state of Kerala Tamil Nadu Gujrat Karnataka

Minor ports like Kakinada, Machilipatnam, Bheemunipatnam and Krishnapatnam are in which of the following states? a) Tamil Nadu b) Andhra Pradesh c) Maharashtra d) Karnataka

Please proceed with for the price of $7.5

Improvement in the production technology will shift the

Consider the following production function: Q= L A X K 0.45 If this production technology exhibits Constant Returns to Scale, what must be the value of a?

What do we call a graph that shows the combinations of output that the economy can possibly produce given the available factors of production and the available production technology?

what are the conculsion on gst bill ? more details regarding gst bill and conclusion

In the town of? Woodland, California, there are many dentistslong dash—the market is competitivelong dash—but only one eye doctor. Are senior citizens more likely to be offered discount prices for dental exams or for eye? exams? Why? Seniors are more likely to get a discount for A. a dental exam because as a monopolist the eye doctor? doesn't have to discount the price to get business. B. an eye exam because a firm must have market power to price discriminate. C. an eye exam because a firm must know reservation prices to price discriminate. D. an eye exam because a monopoly will offer discounts to promote goodwill to avoid government regulation. E. a dental exam because firms in a competitive market must fiercely compete for every customer.

Describe the basic way that the modern banking industry work(namely, fractional reserve banking). What impact can this type of banking system have on the supply of money and possibly on inflstion and prices.

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