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Homework Help for Ecology

Life history strategies result from? A) natural selection. B) environmental pressures. C) conscious choice. D) both A and B. E) A, B, and C

Answer all questions using full sentences and use Part I, Part II, and Part III as your headings to organize your paper. Design your own headings for these main sections, and under each main section, use subtitles to organize your answers to the questions. You should be able to address the requirements of this assignment in 6-8 paragraphs. - Reference List Required (reading material provided). - APA Style.

What`s biodiversity? How does biodiversity relate to the characteristics of abiotic factors of an ecosystem?

An ecosystem may be viewed as an open system with a continuous input of _______. A.pollutants B.solar radiation C.biomass D.energy

The series of steps through which organisms transfer energy through eating and being eaten?

How is artificial light different light different from sunlight in respect to photosynthesis?

An energy budget accounts for what in the ecosystem?

Though which processes do autotrophic organisms produce their own food?

which is the main process that consume carbon (iv) oxide?

in a single paragraph describe detritus food chain giving an example of the case..instant help with clearly explained answer.

To maintain the ecosystem, what is the best season for a pineland fire and why? What are the benefits of fire in a pineland? To soil, plants, animals, to the ecosystem?

Discuss the ethical implications of both the environmental justice and social justice consequences of the skewed distribution of the impacts of production, distribution, and consumption in the global community today.

Write a 3- to 4-page page paper discussing the following: Why did the Paragominas support their mayor? Address the following in your answer: What level of biodiversity does the Brazilian Amazon support? What is deforestation and why is it practiced? How does deforestation affect the Brazilian Amazon? What is the history behind the fight against deforestation? Who spoke out against it? What role did the population of Brazil play in changing Paragomias from a logging town to a site of environmental protection? What role did the Brazilian federal environmental police play and how were they appointed initially? How do education and technology play a role in reducing deforestation in Brazil?

define the term niche as used in biology ....................................

Hi I need to have formal lab with great introduction, procedure, discussion, calculation and conclusion .

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