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In the history of geography the term geographia what does it mean,,,,,,,,,quick answer

I need help with questions 4 which include a, b and c. And also questions 1 which include a,b,c,d and e.

weather patterns is vital ,name at least four apparatus used in a meteorological weather station

Libertarians are people who generally oppose large governments and intrusive government actions. When considering government actions to reduce climate-changing greenhouse-gas emissions: (See attached)

The Communist Manifesto was written by which two German philosophers?

True or false: water vapor is invisible to the naked eye

Astronomy 101 what is the location of the first quarter moon at 3pm? and what time would it be in the Western Horizon?

If an area having 35 km thick crust is thickened by thrusting a 10 km thick slab of crust on top, how will the surface elevation change? (1) Surface elevation will increase by ~ 1 km (2) Surface elevation will increase by ~2 km (3) Surface elevation will increase by ~3 km (4) Surface elevation will decrease by ~1 km (5) Surface elevation will decrease by ~2 km

State the latitude (in degrees) for the following "special parallels: equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Arctic Circle, Antarctic Circle, North Pole, South Pole.

At which location will the highest altitude of the star Polarisbe observed? Equator Tropic of Cancer Arctic Circle central New York State

please explain clearly ..........................................................

I need the tutor to provide me answers for questions

The largest, anthropogenic, and positive radiative forcing on the climate is from Carbon Dioxide emissions Methane emissions contrails Black Carbon emissions

If the atomic number of an element is 7 and its mass number is 16, how many neutrons are in the atom's nucleus?

Absolute dating can provide us with the age of a rock within a range of 100 years of accuracy. True False

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