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Summarize article in 350 words or more —meaning, no less than 350 words (summary titles not included in the 350 word requirement). The summary should include a discussion of the goal of the article (what the researchers were trying to do find - what are the article hypotheses?), the literature review (past research), the research methods (the steps taken to conduct the research study -data, population, sampling type, statistical methods, etc.), the results (what they found), and the discussion/conclusion of the paper (were the findings consistent with the hypotheses?, why what they found is important to the particular field of study, etc.). It is tremendously important to discuss the policy implications of each article (if provided in the article). The article summary should be well written and in NO way mirror the abstract. In other words, paraphrase—read the article and summarize the information using your own words, do not just copy and paste. Do not use any quotes—you must paraphrase the information from the article (use your own words).

Do you believe the internet has caused the "child pornography" industry to grow, and has it become a globally connected issue? Give at least one example of a child pornography case that was transnational.

A police officer who works near a local airport observes a car speeding on the road leading into the airport. He stops the car and approaches the vehicle, where he sees a man alone in the driver's seat and his suitcase in the back seat. The travel or is sweating profusely, and keeps telling the officer he is in a hurry to catch a flight. The officer asks the traveler if he can search his luggage, and the man says yes. When the officer unzips the bag and starts the search, the man changes his mind and says no. At that point, the officer leaves the bag unzipped but still laying on the back seat where the contents are not visible. He calls for another officer to bring a drug detection dog to the site. The other officer and the dog get called to a more urgent search and don't appear. The traveler asks to leave, which the officer says is ok, but he won't let him take his bag. The traveler refuses to catch his plane, and asks for an attorney. Analyze this case from both the traveler's and the police officer's perspective. What constitutional rights are at issue? Have any of them been violated?

What major organizations that deal with security missions were not included in the new Department of Homeland Security?

One of the major failings that resulted in the successful attacks on 9/11 was a lack of information sharing by key government agencies responsible for homeland security. As a result the government underwent a large-scale reorganization and policy change to ensure such a failure would not occur again. How effective do you think those efforts have been a decade later, considering that our government had been warned about the man responsible for the explosive attack on the airliner on December 25, 2009?

Identify at least 3 primary U.S. laws that established the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and direct the department in its operations. Provide a brief description of these laws as they apply to the DHS. Identify at least 3 HSPDs that are related to the identified laws, and define the nature of this relationship. Provide an analysis of how these laws guided the development of the National Homeland Security Strategy (NHSS).

Article Review a brief discussion of the research study's focus (e.g., purpose for conducting research, research questions and/or hypotheses, methodology); a brief summarization of the research study's key findings (e.g., hypotheses were or were not supported; additional research is needed in a specific area); and a brief discussion of the applicability of the research study's key findings to current and future practices in the field of criminal justice. You may use your direct experience, information from the textbook, and/or information from additional sources to complete this component of the article review. Each section of your article review must be clearly labeled using the following section headings: Research Focus, Research Findings, and Research Applications. Note: Each component of the article review should be your own words. No more than 20% of your article review should be a direct quote. Thus, you will need to read the article and rewrite the study's focus (component 1) and key findings (component 2) in your own words. You will have to use your intellectual creativity to brainstorm how the study's key findings can be applied to practices in the field of criminal justice (component 3). Therefore, there should be very little need to use direct quotes in your article review. Your article review should be a minimum of one double-spaced page. Be sure to cite, in APA format, any source used to influence your response. Therefore, your reference list should at least include a citation of the article you used to prepare the article review.

List the elements necessary to being a sovereign nation-state. Which one seems to be the most contentious and why?

Hi, I'm needing help answering this question for my CJS/210 class, and I would be so appreciative if someone could help me. My question in 400 words for $40 is... Examples of less-than-lethal weapons and how less-than-lethal weapons affect policing in today's society

What effect do you think forensically based shows like CSI have on criminals? Do you think these shows have influenced how they commit some crimes? Why or why not? Do you think that these shows have any influence on jurors?

1) The Fourth Amendment establishes the right of people to be secure in their persons, homes, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. Given the varying case law regarding search and seizure, do you think that the general public understands their rights in regard to the Fourth Amendment? Do you think that the criminal population understands this right? Is it important to understand it? Why or why not? 2) A relatively small number of police officers engage in questionable police practices, such as corruption, racial profiling, and excessive force. However, the small number deeply impact community-police relations. What impact do you think inappropriate police behavior has on the community? How can the police as an agency better monitor behavior to keep the few from spoiling the reputation of all? 3) Do you think civil litigation is a useful tool in keeping officers in check? Why or why not? What do you think can be done to help a community overcome large scandals, such as the L.A. Rampart scandal?

1. What are some of the inequities discussed within the criminal justice system? . 2, Discuss what you learned that you did not know prior to the reading for this week in reference to the sentencing process. **Please cite all sources and be sure to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph

I need help me on a 5 page paper on the information below: Writing Assignment #1: Law Enforcement Intelligence - Protecting Against Crime and Terrorism For this assignment, you are to research and author a paper regarding the uses and objectives of law enforcement intelligence to identify and/or prevent criminal and terrorism-related activity. As you generate your product, be sure to address the following prompts / questions: 1.How is law enforcement intelligence used to prevent crime and terrorism? 2.What are some of the specific tactics, tools, and products used in our attempts to identify criminals and terrorists? 3.What do you believe are the biggest challenges that must be considered as information is gathered and transformed into useable intelligence? 4.What are the risks of restricting the collection of law enforcement intelligence? What are the benefits? (Please no plagiarism) The length of the paper shall be between four and six pages long, NOT INCLUDING a title page and a Reference page. NO abstract is needed for this assignment. Use a minimum of four resources in the generation of the work. The format of the paper will follow APA guidelines and include properly formatted in-text citations and end of work references.

Written analysis of Robin Casarjian's Houses of Healing. This book portrays a counseling program that focuses on emotional literacy for offenders currently used in some United States' prisons. Describe the major counseling ideas that you feel are important and powerful change agents for offenders. Explain why you feel the ideas are important for rehabilitation and treatment of offenders. As you read the book, do the exercises so that you can personally identify with and write about how and why offenders can benefit from the book's exercises? Which exercises were the most powerful for you and why? Also discuss the positive and negative points of this criminal justice counseling program. - This paper should be 5 FULL pages.

Compare and contrast distributive policies and redistributive policies. Compare and contrast the ways in which these two public policy types influence criminal justice public policy. 300 words APA Format Reference in text citation

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