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Homework Help for Chemistry

Chemistry for class 10 CBSE .It will help you to understand basic question.

This is referring to question 6 on the attached paper. A(5). Based on this phase diagram, which of the two phases (liquid or solid) do you expect to have a higher density at T=0? B (5). Is the molar entropy of liquid helium at T=0 lower or higher than that of solid helium? (Again, your answer should be based on the phase diagram above; Keep in mind that helium is a strange substance and don't entirely trust your intuition).

If you can put this together for me, quicker the better. I am having internet issues and need answers cited.

In a class of 60 students,the number of students who passed biology is 6 more than the number who passed chemistry.Every student passed at least one of the two subjects.i.how many students passed biology ii.how many students passed chemistry iii.how many students passed only one subject

12 gram of CaCo3 was heated till no further loss in weight. The final mass was found to be 6.72 gram. How much carbondioxide was given out?

In the organic chem, we prepared soap by using tallow and sodium hydroxide. After keep checking the regular 6 weeks of PH, my ph did not get to 7 scale but remained till 10. my question is what could be the error possible i made there that did not let my soaps to be more neutral? there was no gylcerol made on soap layers. also, my yield came out to be 133.33%. I don't know yield relation to PH scale for soaps.

Dr. Zhivago prescribes glucose 10%, 1000 ml for 10 hours via a 15 gtt/mL drip factor delivery system. What is the rate of flow in gets/min.?_______gtts/min (round to the nearest whole number)

The branch of science based upon Newton's laws of motion is called as: a) Classical mechanics b) Wave mechanics c) Quantum mechanics. d) Both a and c.

What are some of the observations made in quantum mechanics that would be a violation of classical mechanics?

What were matrix mechanics and wave mechanics, and why did their respective proponents disagree? Who formulated the theory of complementarity, and why?

1. What is the frequency of a 670 nm light wave? a) 4.5 x 10 6 s -1 b) 2.2 x 10 6 s -1 c) 2.2 x 10 14 s -1 d) 4.5 x 10 14 s -1 2. The light emission spectrum for an element in discontinuous because: a) only a few energies of light are produced by the electrons of an atom returning to ground state b) not all energies emitted have wavelengths c) not all atoms contain electrons that can be excited d) all wavelengths of emission spectra combine to form white light 3. The ground state electron configuration of every atom has at least one electron in the: a) 1s atomic orbital b) 2s subshell c) 1p subshell d) 0s atomic orbital 4. For every element, the ground state electron configuration has at least one electron in the 2s orbital. True False 5. Which of the following choices is more related to quantum mechanics than to classical mechanics? a) the motion of the planets and stars b) the motion of fluids c) the motion, structure and reactions of atomic nuclei d) the effect of gravitational forces 6. Quantum mechanics were designed because: a) classical mechanics were proven false for both macroscopic and subatomic systems b) classical mechanics were proven unreliable for multi-electron subatomic systems c) classical mechanics were considered slower and old-fashioned d) new theories were needed to prove that scientists were making new discovering 7. Planck's constant relates the energy in one photon of electromagnetic radiation to the wavelength of the radiation a) Directly b) Inversely c) Indirectly d) Random

home / study / science / chemistry / chemistry questions and answers / balance the following in basic solution: (a) so3 2-(aq) + cu(oh)2(s) ? so4 2-(aq) + cu(oh)(s) ... Question: Balance the following in basic solution: (a) SO3 2-(aq) + Cu(OH)2(s) ? SO4 2-(aq) + Cu(OH)(... Balance the following in basic solution, show the steps:: O2(g) + Mn(OH)2(s) ? MnO2(s) NO3 -(aq) + H2(g) ? NO(g)

In the presence of Sulfuric Acid, one molecule of ethanol (C2H6O) can react to form one molecule each of water and another product: C2H6O = H2O + ? Using the law of conservation of mass, describe a technique a chemist could use to predict the formula of the unknown product; then use the technique you described to predict the formula of the unknown product. I really need help figuring out how to do this. Thank you!

what process is involved in gas / liquid chromatography

What is Knudsen number for molecular flow and viscous flow?

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